Sunday, March 28, 2010


Last night we went to a function at our church - a pot luck supper to which everyone contributed then a fun auction to raise money for a street school in Lae, Papua New Guinea. Everyone had the opportunity to bid on an item - which was not so much products, but time. Many people had donated some of their own personal time and others bid on them. What a variety to choose from. Car washing, gardening, pet minding, child minding, swimming lessons, massages, facials, flower arranging, calligraphy lessons, handyman hours, cake baking and decorating, music and maths lessons, even how to put a computer together (which DH bid for and won), house cleaning. and so many other offers which very generous people had made. It took quite a long time to get through all the items but right at the end was up for bid, a weekend for two people at 'resort-style' accommodation close to one of Sydney's great beaches - Friday night to Sunday midday, meals included. DH had told me he was planning to bid on this item and we thought it would be popular. It was - but finally DH claimed the winning bid. We are planning to take this weekend away later in the year probably when the weather starts to get warmer again. A nice little getaway to look forward to. The auction made just over $4,000.00 which everyone was absolutely thrilled about. An estimate at the beginning of the evening was $500!

This money raised will provide much needed educational aids for the street school run by two national young men who attend our church in Lae. They have had little formal education but certainly knew much more than the 200 or more kids that cram into a small room eager to learn what they can. About 12 months ago they began with nothing except the kids in the room. Then someone donated a white board and pen. A friend of ours is working in PNG at present and she was able to get donations enough to provide each child with a notebook and pencil. That is all the equipment they have - until now. Can you imagine what $4000 will purchase in this developing country? Education in PNG is not compulsory and the majority of parents do not have the finances to send their kids to schools which are expensive. We were so thrilled to be part of encouraging these young men in their endeavour to give of themselves to help these youngsters learn so much more than they would ever have had the opportunity otherwise.

A very satisfying evening!

Have a good week - Bless you!


Melanie said...

What fun! And so great that you won the weekend prize. It sounds like a wonderful one. I'm glad the auction was such a success. Those things are so much fun. Have a lovely day.

Aussie Stitcher said...

That is an amazing effort, and such a wonderful cause. I hope that you enjoy your weekend away when you get to use it.