Sunday, September 05, 2010

Fathers Day Downunder

The last two days have been wet, cold and miserable so it was a delight to see a brilliant sun shining when we awoke this morning.  However a keen wind had sprung up overnight and continued to buffet everyone and everything throughout the day, only easing late this afternoon.  Feeling so sad for the people of Christchurch New Zealand after a dreadful earthquake struck their city and surrounds.  They are saying it is the first earthquake in NZ with a richter scale reading higher than the 1932 quake which dessimated the cities of Hastings and Napier in Hawkes Bay.  My mum actually experienced that earthquake as a child at school and it still terrifies her thinking about it.  She is still very afraid to go into elevators or escalators and at 91 years of age still prefers to climb stairs rather than zoom up or down in either of those 'travel' aids.

Is it Father's Day in all parts of the world today?  I can never remember.  I think maybe Mother's Day might be the same all over but not FD.

Our FD was great.  A lovely church service this morning where a couple of young women trainee officers (Salvation Army terminology for minister) officiated and did a brilliant job.  They are going to be an asset wherever their first appointment out of College may be.  Home and quickly out again to join our Sydney family for lunch at a local country club.

Beautiful meal and great company.  DH was spoiled by our kids and grandkids - books and gift vouchers.  We had a quiet tea this evening contemplating what a lovely day it had been.

I've begun a new cross stitch pattern.  It's a chart I've had for a long time and I noticed it was produced in 1995 so it's not new by any means. It's very different in design to my usual pieces so I'll show you the first few stitches - some of you might be able to guess what the design is.

I'm flying to New Zealand to be with my mum when she undergoes her surgery soon.  I'm nervous for her - she has been told  by her doctor that it is not usual for people as old as her to be operated on however they consider her physical health to be good so feel there is every reason to go ahead.  DH will be looked after well by the family and is very proficient at cooking meals and doing all the other household chores that need to be done.

I'm hoping I will get a chance to look in on all  my blogger friends but I probably won't get the opportunity to actually put anything on this page for a while.

Meantime, blessings to you all!