Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I've decided to try a new look and a name change. Now I'm not a very inventive or ideas person - I like what I see, but don't have much skill in putting it together. After searching on the net for something I could use that reflects 'me' I gave up and decided to put on my table some of the things that I love, and went from there. Camera out, moving items into different positions and 'click' took some shots. The result is my new pic at the top of this page. I'll keep searching for just the 'right' look for me but for now I'm happy with how it has turned out.
The new name? You may think this is rather strange but again, it reflects 'me'. I love shabby chic - in pretty much any form - but the 'chic' part of the name is kind of a play on words. You see my DH has for many, many years called me "Chookie"! As for the shabby? Well I am getting on in years now and no longer a crisp fresh young thing. Much as I would love to think those days are not over, alas, they are long gone! Still we can dream can't we?