Monday, October 25, 2010

Where do I start?

Where do I start?  So much to tell and for you to catch up on.

Up early on 13th of September after arriving in Auckland the night before. Mum had to be at the hospital by 7am for admission and surgery. For four days or so she doesn't remember anything much at all but she did have massive surgery for a 91 year old.  The surgeon felt sure the tumour had been contained and that all was removed.

Recovery was slow and the first few days for her, a blur. For me just getting back and forth to the hospital was about all I could cope with, as well as answering the huge number of phone calls from family and friends.

Out of the blue a phone call revealed there was a vacant 'pensioner' unit available which we had the opportunity to move Mum to.  My brother had come down with a dreadful bout of the flu and wasn't able to visit so after phone consultations and discussions, it was decided to 'take the bull by the horns' and accept the move for her.  I was given 5 days to do what I would ordinarily have said was impossible.  It's amazing what one person can do when called upon - added strength and stamina is given and boy did I need all of it over that time.  As soon as the keys to the new place were in my hands it was 'all on.'  I began packing from cupboards and drawers, sorting and 'chucking out' as I went. Over 20 years worth of gathering and stashing had to be gone through.  Organised a local Salvation Army shop to pick up what furniture was not going to fit and shopped for some new which would.  There were times when I wondered if I would get through but God was gracious and I felt his presence throughout. 

The move was finally completed with a furniture removalist coming and taking all that was too heavy for me and a final clean up and 'skip' bin delivered to take away all the rubbish and the move was done.  It was all finished in time for Mum's discharge from hospital and although it was so sad she wasn't able to go back to her old place, (she couldn't have managed the 16 internal stairs), she was grateful that she didn't have to physically do the moving herself.

A visit to the oncologist a few days after her discharge helped her decide not to go ahead with any further treatment and the family felt good about that.  Already the surgery and rehabilitation had taken a toll on her and her short term memory was not good.

Three more weeks I stayed with her, helping her find things where I'd put them and familiarising herself in her new abode.  The last week I stayed with rellies at night and went back during the day. This gave Mum a chance to be by herself and realise she was able to do things OK by herself. During this time she and her memory have improved and although physically a lot slower, I am hoping in time she will be able to once again enjoy the activities she has always been involved in.

Of course she was sad to see me return home but I was ready to leave and return to my family. My poor DH had 6 weeks by himself, still working full time made it difficult for him to prepare and cook meals but he did it and was pleased that I was able to go and spend the time with Mum. God works in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform - I've proved that so many times in the past few weeks and it has helped confirm my faith over and over again.

Thank you Lord for your mercies!