Sunday, June 21, 2009


It is so lovely to see the sun and feel its heat - though weak - it has brightened my day. This morning dawned grey and cloudy again but the weather forecasters were correct when they said it would clear to a sunny afternoon. What a difference the sun makes to the way we feel - especially in the winter time.

I've been out and about today, visited the library for more books and DVD's, went to the big hardware store and picked up fertilizer for my broccoli and some long handled gardening tools and since I've been back home even felt like doing some sweeping to move the leaves which had gathered at the entrance to my front door over the past few weeks. It was so good to even feel like doing some of these things again.

As I sit here typing, it's late afternoon and the sun is fading now quickly but it has been so bright it reminded me of a very old Sunday School chorus we used to sing in New Zealand. I don't remember if the words are even correct and I wouldn't know who wrote it but it's been running through my head - and sometimes its hard to get rid of those kind of tunes that have a habit of staying -

Sunshine, Sunshine, shining along our pathway,
Guiding, guiding, just where the Saviour would go,
Shining, shining, when all the way seems gloomy,
Jesus lights our way up to Glory, with Sunshine Rays.

Does anyone remember that?