Thursday, July 02, 2009


I feel so silly! I got all my bits and pieces ready and left in good time to catch the bus. Although the bus was running behind time at our destination but I got to where the class was being held OK just a few minutes late. On being shown the room being used, I was surprised to find nobody there. I thought they were probably running late like me! LOL
After waiting for nearly 30 minutes I was convinced I had gone on the wrong day. The receptionist seemed to agree with me and felt sure their previous class had been held last week - it's held fortnightly.
So I got back to the bus station and waited 20 minutes for the bus home. Got inside the house and went straight to the class schedule to find out what I'd done wrong. Well - it was the right day - just the wrong time. I had gone for a 1pm start and it actually started at 2pm. I just wish I'd checked that schedule this morning before I left for the bus!
Unfortunately I won't be able to get to the next class as I've a post operative appointment with the Professor that day and as of yesterday, another appointment on the same day to have a DVT scan (deep vein thombosis) - to check for any post operative problems in my leg veins.
So now I'll have to wait another month to go to the class I was so looking forward to today. I guess these things happen - and in fact as I'd taken my knitting with me I got quite a lot of rows done while sitting on the bus. It's not anything terribly exciting but I'll get a photo of what I'm doing when I get a few more squares finished towards a blanket I've decided to make. I made one about 10 years ago and DH loves to snuggle under it if he gets up to watch any sport on the TV during the night. It's still OK but won't hurt to have a 'back up'!

Have a blessed day!