Monday, December 26, 2011

Long time catch-up

Christmas Day is over!  It seems such a long time in preparation then so quickly, food is eaten, gifts are opened and it's clean-up time.  And we'll do it all again next year I'm sure.  We will have forgotten all of the negative things about Christmas and the lead up to it, but in our hearts I believe we can remember the most positive aspect of Christmas for the whole of the year. 

Yes, the fact that Jesus was born, died at Calvary and rose again is an amazing thing - the way it all happened and was planned by God the Father is something our finite minds find difficult to grasp and hold - but the most amazing thing of all I think, is that God loved us all so much that he not only planned it immaculately, but carried it out - just so that we have the opportunity of eternity with Him.  Oh how I long for that time!

Happy Christmas dear friends and a bright and wonderful 2012.


 Carving the turkey

 E with new camera

 L with new camera (and a sticky mouth)

C, C, L and E waiting for the turkey!