Monday, May 23, 2011

Photography excursion

I recently joined a local service club for those who are considered geriatric those who are over the age of 55.  One of the benefits of being a member of this particular club is being able to join any of the many groups which have been formed and which members coordinate  - one such group being photography.

Yesterday I joined with some of them and armed with our variety of cameras, visited a local park.  It had rained overnight and the prospects of good weather didn't look promising but the sun began to shine eventually and although it was quite windy, the morning proved to be most enjoyable. My attempts at photography are purely amateurish however I do enjoy using my camera and even though many shots are deleted on editing, here are a few I saved.  The park offered so much variety and was divided into gardens of international interest  including Italian, English, American, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, Australian. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Just had to show these

Mothers Day gift 2011 - Asiatic Lilies

Wedding Anniversary flowers 19 May

I feel truly blessed!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cross stitch, tomatoes and airplanes

Over a month has passed since my last entry! I'm feeling rather sad that I've let so much time elapse - it seems a lot has happened in that time and yet when I try to remember what, I find it difficult to recall.  I know some of it was taken up with school holidays and child minding, another 10 days was spent in Auckland visiting my mum who was discharged from hospital after 3 months and spinal surgery - other days I just felt lethargic and unable to focus on too much.  A long awaited visit to my back specialist has revealed from another scan that I'm in strife with my spine again.  2 years ago I underwent a spinal fusion and at that time felt sure that would be the answer however that has not proved to be the case and I now have to face the fact that more spinal surgery (to add to the fusion already in place) is most likely.  To check whether the pain was originating from the nerve root, I had a cortisone injection into the 'spot' and that has brought relief from the pain.  I expect it should last about 10 weeks - another appointment to the back specialist will sort out what to consider as next on the treatment list. 

I've been taking a rest from my Daisy Girl cross stitch recently as the small count makes for hard work on my eyes but I've done a little on a little 'sale' item I picked up and rather liked. 

Today is our 49th wedding anniversary (date).  I can hardly credit that many years have passed.  God has been good!

The 'winter' tomatoes I planted are doing very well and now have fruit on each plant.  Need a bit more sun to ripen them.  The little black cherry has produced the most fruit and I suspect we will have a real 'glut' once they all begin to ripen at once - the mini cabbages and spinach are doing well too but the brussels sprouts have no sign of 'sprouts' as yet. The first time I have attempted them so not sure what to expect.  I think the fact that huge toadstools have decided to crop in the same bed over the past few weeks may have something to do with that - I've been assured they shouldn't have any effect but I'm not sure.  I think the spores may have come in on a summer tomato plant I put into the same area during November.  Apparently the fungi makes good compost so will wait a few more weeks then dig them all in and hope there's no more sign of them disrupting spring seedlings.

Our visit to Auckland went well in that I was able to visit with mum each day. The family feel she would really be better now in assisted living however she has to make that decision for herself.  She is very slow in movement and has people coming in to give her assistance a couple of times a week.  She has recovered from the spinal surgery but it has taken a toll on her general health as one would expect at 92 years of age!  Beautiful view of Sydney harbour on our way home - the pilot gave us a wonderful view of the city as we circled towards our landing.

Our weather is now cold and the lovely heat from the fire is so comforting. 

We are so looking forward to the visit of our family from Texas at the beginning of June and will be gathering together in a family reunion on the Gold Coast while they are here.  Another reason to  be grateful for the good effects of that cortisone injection!

Blessings dear friends!