Thursday, June 11, 2009


I can hardly believe its 3 1/2 weeks since my surgery. It has been slow and quite painful so far but I kinda knew it would be. I've been taking it easy, resting lots, reading, watching awful TV shows, doing crossword puzzles, watching a few DVD's and generally trying to take things slowly. It is frustrating though when there are things I'd like to get on with.
I get sudden urges to get out my scrapbooking stuff and do a couple of pages, but then I lose enthusiasm. Same with cross stitching or knitting. Anyway, I'm not stressing about it. I guess all too soon I'll be back in the thick of all the activities I'm normally involved in.
I do have to be careful though, how long I sit for. I haven't found a chair yet that I am really comfortable in - so I'm just doing it in short bursts - then go back and lie down on the bed again for a little while.
Well - that's my life just for now - I am grateful for a really supportive DH and family who have given me heaps of phone calls, flowers, cards, and attention and generally looked after my every need.
And thanks everyone for your cheery notes, thoughts and emails. They are certainly appreciated.