Friday, October 30, 2009


Thought I'd get ahead of myself and get my overseas Christmas cards made early and save myself on a bit of postage - was fooled - went this morning to post a bundle 'sea mail' before the end of October to ensure they got to their destination in time for Christmas only to find out that that service is no longer available - only parcels may now go by sea! What?? Normal price to send a card o/seas? $1.45 - next week a 'special' Christmas card rate comes in for $1.25. Needless to say I'll wait now till nearer Christmas as it's not going to be any cheaper.
You get caught sometimes don't you? Anyway I've enjoyed the therapy of making the cards!
Have a blessed weekend!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Aren't friendships great? People we met and worked with in Zambia 10 years ago live in England. They are in Australia at present on business and flew in to Sydney from Hong Kong on Saturday on their way to Melbourne. We met them at the airport and had a few hours with them catching up on each others news, families, mutual friends and showing them a little bit of Sydney. Had yummy fish and chips at our famous Manly beach and got them back to the airport in time to check in for their flight to Melbourne. How good it was to spend time with them. God is good!
Manly beach - water still only 18C


View while we ate our fish and chips

Manly beach ocean side southern most end

Monday, October 19, 2009


Grandson has turned 6!

No need for words - the pictures tell the story. So precious!

Six claps for six years

Blow hard

Making a wish!