Thursday, July 08, 2010


During the school holidays I look after my two smallest grandsons for two full days a week. Being very active and inquisitive boys I decided to make a purchase a couple of days ago that I'm now really regretting!
Rushing through the local hobby store to return some knitting needles which were not right, I saw some wooden kits to make different items - dinosoars, cars, motor bikes and the like. They contained paint and brush to 'do up' the finished article. I thought that would be a great idea to keep them busy for today. With great excitement this morning we opened the packs and began pressing out the pieces. Stopped in my tracks momentarily, I checked the packaging and the one small page enclosed. The instructions were rather vague. I was having difficulty pressing out the pieces and eventually had to get a small sharp knife to cut places which had been left joined. After breaking off the tip of the knife and one ruined thumb nail, I eventually got all the pieces off but not without some minor damage. "This is crazy" I was thinking - how do they expect kids to do this when I can't manage!
Anyway progressing to actually putting the bike together I couldn't make head nor tail of the 'instructions'. Each piece was pictured on the page with tiny numbers alongside slots where other pieces needed to be placed. Without boring you with the gory details, after 1 and a half hours, I gave up - absolutely bamboozled!
"Follow the instructions included for how to put the pieces together in numerical order. Have fun constructing your model." Fun they suggest! I was totally stressed out!
After packing all the pieces away except the larger 'wheels' and the like, I set the boys the task of painting them - fortunately it kept them busy until lunch time. I hope their dad checks it out when he gets home from work - maybe he can make head and tail of it all. I certainly couldn't.

I plan to drop a line to the manufacturer to get a comment from them. I'll let you know if and when I get a reply.

Have a good weekend! Blessings!