Monday, January 10, 2011


When I was browsing my niece's blog not so long ago, I came across commennts which led me to another website.  From there I jumped again and have come up with a great way to read right through the bible in 90 days.(See here) It is a schedule worked out for each day's readings.  Without too much thought as to why I actually wanted to do it (in fact I'm still not really sure!) I signed up.  It's not as though I'm signing my life away or anything nearly as drastic (LOL). Each reader is grouped with a leader who takes an active part through the internet in encouraging and praying for each participant in the group and is encouraged to check in to a website each Monday to update your experience and how you are finding it.   Prayer requests can also be made and whilst being part of the group, other members are also praying for you.

I'm now on to my 8th day of readings and I have to be honest I have found the past couple of days fairly tough.  My focus has not been great and I've been easily distracted, especially throughout Exodus where so much is repetitive.  Still I'm determined to keep up with it and I know I will feel an achievement at the end of the 90 days.

Thanks for popping in - blessings!