Monday, August 03, 2009


We are so fortunate - our back yard seems to have an abundance of native birds - and probably I'd say, because I do put out bread for them especially during the winter and when the summer is very hot and dry. These days I don't put the bread out automatically but wait until they appear on the shade sail above the kitchen window - we have some resident rogues - imported many years ago but now become a pest, scavenger and attacker of other birds - brown Indian Mynas.

For the past few months there has been a pair of quite small parrots who have made it their business to come most days for their bread. The male is quite bold and has actually taken bread out of my hand but the little female remains timid and waits until the 'coast is clear' before joining her mate for dinner (these birds are about the size of a budgerigar but I haven't yet found the name of them).

The last couple of days the male has arrived by himself. I'm wondering if momma bird is now nesting - I don't think August is too soon for that - but time will tell. The last few years the Rainbow Lorikeets have bought their babies to feed once they are out of the nest - what a squarking wheezy noise they make!

The other resident birds at present are a few of those cooing doves - I don't mind them being around but I do object to them sunbaking on the top of my baby spinach! LOL