Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I went to get my new lenses fitted yesterday and foolishly didn't really give them a good test before leaving the shop. Went to read some stuff during the afternoon and found that I couldn't see the words very clearly. The multi focal lenses seemed to be blurring the words. I was annoyed with myself as the Optometrist is about 30km from where I live in a suburb called Chatswood. (There are several closer however this is the one I've been going to for about 20 years and am reluctant to change).

I was already late for a luncheon/Nutrimetics and Tupperware demonstration organised by some ladies from my church. The distance lens was fine so I was OK driving. After getting there late and leaving early I headed for my appointment at the chiropractor but phoned the Optometrist before I started the car. He suggested I just try them out for a day or so. I was a bit peeved as I didn't really want to be trailing back to Chatswood another day if I could help it. After a 35 minute solid neck and shoulder massage, and a few little moves from the chiro man I was feeling much easier and by the time I arrived home decided I could probably alter the glasses frame myself. I got out an old pair of glasses (to see with) and with the help of a little pair of pliers managed to move the little thingies that rest on your nose. (this is not meant to be a complicated blog but its getting more and more involved!) With moving them down a fraction, it has now lifted the frame on my face just a little and my vision is now much easier. I don't think it's quite right and I'm a bit afraid that I'll do damage to the frames if I mess with them any more so I might just have to go back to Chatswood in the long run. That will certainly teach me to check things won't it?

This morning I've been doing some retail therapy - having to pack for both cold and warm temperatures has been good in many ways! I've just simply had to buy a couple of things to take. So I'm now home with a new pair of little flat shoes and a 'drape front' cardigan. Sounds kind of 'posh' doesn't it? Here's a photo of them so you can visualise what I'll be wearing - well some of the time anyway! LOL

While I'm about it, here's 3 of my beautiful roses which always have the most vibrant colours when they bloom in autumn.


Purples, mauves, aquas and grey

Princess Diana of Wales

Julia's Rose