Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Grandson blowing out the candle

Son and DIL join in the fun

Granddaughter's boyfriend shared the same birth day

DH and daughter with the hot air balloon ride voucher

Cutting the cake is serious business

A view of some of the group

A good time was had by all. I think the birthday boy felt very special!

Friday, June 25, 2010


It turned out a nice evening. The family gathered to celebrate with DH for a nice meal at a local (newly renovated) watering hole. We had balloons and cake as well and the birthday was shared with young Glen who turned 20 yesterday as well. Grandies had a great time. Hope to have some photos by next post - son was planning to take his camera but forgot it in the rush to get out of the house - just as well son in law remembered his! Now I need to wait until he can send them to me via internet.
A lot of heavy rain overnight has left everything rather soaked so I think the washing will need to wait a day or so till the sun comes out again. Today might be a good day to catch up on a scrapbooking album I've started - oh yes, and another cake has to be baked for a special lunch tomorrow. Off to make a large pot of vegetable soup then put the cake in the oven.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Is it just that I'm getting older - or are the days just flying past? I think it's a bit of both.

This week seems to have gone so quickly - Thursday already! It's probably because I've had lots to do this week. DH celebrates a very special birthday tomorrow so I've been out shopping on a couple of occasions gathering little nick nacks to use for baking his birthday cake.

The family are going out for a meal together tomorrow night to celebrate and birthday cake will be on the menu for dessert. I think it will be 'Devil's Food Cake' - at least I'm hoping it will be! Yesterday I made an old favourite's - banana cake - a very old recipe from a very old recipe book - one most Kiwi's will be very familiar with ' Edmonds'. My copy is a 1959 publication but it hit the book shelves earlier than that in NZ. It is still my favourite recipe book and has some lovely recipes that 'mother used to make'. You know the ones like Overnight pudding, Aotea biscuits and Afghans!

Tomorrow just happens to be E18's boyfriend's birthday as well so another cake will be made to celebrate that special day. I'm planning to be busy baking most of the day!

A couple of years ago I planted a tiny camellia shrub in a little corner at the front of the house. I already had several japonica variety in another part of the garden but this one is a sasanqua. Named "Volcano" the picture on the tag looked fabulous - bright red/pink and large. The first year it managed a few little buds and the flowers were puny and the next summer it almost got taken out completely by the heat. Half of it died off and I did a trim job on it. It hasn't grown all that much but this year it has a few buds, the first of which has turned out just gloriously. It is large and showy. I'm hopeful the other buds will bloom just as beautifully. Next time I'll report on the birthday bash and hopefully will have some photos to post as well. In the meantime -


Sunday, June 20, 2010


Today I'm off to do my volunteering stint at the Visitor Information Centre again - those two weeks sure roll around quickly. It's unfortunate that business has been a bit slow since it's only been opened just a few weeks so my days there haven't been very busy and they do tend to drag a bit. Fortunately the weather has been mostly very sunny although cold so its been rather nice to sit out in the sunshine to eat lunch - but alas, today has dawned dull and wet - the only ones sitting out in it today I fear will be any ducks if they happen to be around.
So... will have to make do with trying to keep busy indoors and hope there'll be a few people popping in to ask directions or check out the new (unfinished) cafe which we hope will be opening soon. That should bring a few more customers through the door!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


The day has been very sunny - even warm if a sheltered spot could be found but after church this morning came home to a wonderful dinner smell which proved to taste just as good (had been simmering in the slow cooker all morning). After a nice cup of coffee and a little wander around the garden (transplanted 4 little cabbage seedlings) now I'm sitting close to the beautifully warm fireplace. Ahh... Sunday afternoons were never this good!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I've decided to try a new look and a name change. Now I'm not a very inventive or ideas person - I like what I see, but don't have much skill in putting it together. After searching on the net for something I could use that reflects 'me' I gave up and decided to put on my table some of the things that I love, and went from there. Camera out, moving items into different positions and 'click' took some shots. The result is my new pic at the top of this page. I'll keep searching for just the 'right' look for me but for now I'm happy with how it has turned out.
The new name? You may think this is rather strange but again, it reflects 'me'. I love shabby chic - in pretty much any form - but the 'chic' part of the name is kind of a play on words. You see my DH has for many, many years called me "Chookie"! As for the shabby? Well I am getting on in years now and no longer a crisp fresh young thing. Much as I would love to think those days are not over, alas, they are long gone! Still we can dream can't we?

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Haven't decided what kind of frame to use for this little treasure - thought I'd post the pics meantime. (excuse the fact that it's not quite square in the pic)

The 'A Is For Angel' is a design by Sandra Cox Vanosdall and is stitched on 28 count Summer Khaki Cashel Linen. I enjoyed stitching this little piece but found the fluffy 'Wisper' thread used for the lower edge of the angel's dresses rather difficult to work with. Two strands were used for this area and I though it rather thick however 1 strand would probably not have been effective.

The little keyrings were fun to do and very quick. I purchased them in a kit form at Balmoral Castle while in Scotland recently and I especially like the little "Heiland Coo".


Monday, June 07, 2010


The refrigerator's really sick - this morning the temperature inside it was not very cold. Have phoned the serviceman - he can't get here until Friday - just so glad it's not the middle of summer!



Today was my volunteer duty day at the Tourist & Visitor information centre. It's a fairly new one which is housed in a beautiful restored historic house. Today was sunny but cool and a bit slow at the centre. I kept busy by beginning a bit of blurb on the house which volunteers may find interesting especially when visitors come in and ask questions about the history.
My refrigerator is sick - it's been leaking water for about a week but not all the time. It seems to be related to opening the freezer door somehow but I can't figure out why it does this. I'm going to have to call the repair man tomorrow to come have a look see at what gives. It's only 11 years young but these days they don't make stuff the way they used to a few years ago. In this throw-away society I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear it's on it's last legs. I hope not - there's more I could spend $1000 on at present!

Am off to bed for an early night!


Saturday, June 05, 2010


This is the time of the year when family and friends celebrate with their 5th graders as they graduate after spending 6 years in junior schools all over the USA. It seems strange to us 'down under' that something like this is done in the midst of our winter season - ours is done at the end of the year just as the kids are finishing school for their 6 weeks summer break.

The hard work through the year is acknowledged during the ceremony and those who are fortunate receive awards, certificates and ribbons and parents ooh and aah about how well their kids have done and how clever they are.

We heard that the hunt was on for the perfect dress and shoes and when finally they were found. We heard about the great tulle bows and balloons which decorated the hall. And when at last we received the photos we felt so proud to see for ourselves that Miss A11 had 'scooped the pool' both in awards and in the fashion stakes. What a proud night for her Mom and Dad and indeed for herself.

With her Certificate, letter from the President and ribbon worn around her neck (what is that called?) she looked so confident and beautiful. Her grandparents are also very, very proud. Well done Miss A.


Friday, June 04, 2010


It's been a wet, wet week. A tornado passed through Lennox Head - much further north from here, but it has devastated homes and property in it's wake. Film of it coming was rather awesome - seeing pieces of homes, roofs and debris being swirled around and coming towards you in that mighty tunnel must have been totally scary - but although so much damage has been caused, thank God, nobody was killed. Many however were injured and carry their wounds as they clean up.
Today here the sun is shining - as I walked out to take the washing to the clothes line I literally squelched my way there. We've had a week of torrential rain and storms. But it won't take long to dry out. DH even says it may be dry enough to mow the lawn this afternoon. I've also been out clipping back shrubs and a big lemon tree. I only clipped it in March before we went on holiday but when we got back home three weeks later, the leaf miner had devastated all the new growth. It looks so ugly. Well hopefully with this close shave and a bit of fertilizer, it may produce a few lemons next season. I'm hoping so.
My little blueberry bushes are covered with flowers and buds. I heard on the radio gardening session last week that I should be taking all of those off for the first three years. I'm hopeless at doing that. I am always anxious for fruit. Last year it did have a little but it has grown so much since then. I'm tempted to just let it fruit and see how it goes.

I've finished stitching a little Angel cross stitch piece this past week but haven't taken any pics yet. Also did a couple of very quick pieces which fit into a key ring - little souvenirs from Scotland. Will have to get the camera out and show you next time what they look like. Quite cute - especially the Scottish Coo!


Tuesday, June 01, 2010

PETER, you'll be missed!

Attended the funeral service today of a very dear man who hadn't been well for a couple of years but whose life had been filled with great achievements. As a young man of 14 he and his family were taken prisoners in Indonesia and spent 3 years in prison camps. His mother and sister were separated from him and his father - the thing that kept the pair of them alive during those dreadful years of inprisonment was the fact that he crawled under the fences at night and scavenged food for his dad and himself.
An achiever all through his life, he put himself through college and university and gained distinctions in all he did. During his working life he held very important positions in the building of many large Sydney buildings including the Opera House. But the most important thing in his life apart from his wife, children and grandchildren was his Saviour Jesus Christ, in whom he put his trust for so many years. He never waivered in his faith, even in the bad times. He has now gone to his eternal reward.
Well done good and faithful servant! We salute you!