Friday, June 04, 2010


It's been a wet, wet week. A tornado passed through Lennox Head - much further north from here, but it has devastated homes and property in it's wake. Film of it coming was rather awesome - seeing pieces of homes, roofs and debris being swirled around and coming towards you in that mighty tunnel must have been totally scary - but although so much damage has been caused, thank God, nobody was killed. Many however were injured and carry their wounds as they clean up.
Today here the sun is shining - as I walked out to take the washing to the clothes line I literally squelched my way there. We've had a week of torrential rain and storms. But it won't take long to dry out. DH even says it may be dry enough to mow the lawn this afternoon. I've also been out clipping back shrubs and a big lemon tree. I only clipped it in March before we went on holiday but when we got back home three weeks later, the leaf miner had devastated all the new growth. It looks so ugly. Well hopefully with this close shave and a bit of fertilizer, it may produce a few lemons next season. I'm hoping so.
My little blueberry bushes are covered with flowers and buds. I heard on the radio gardening session last week that I should be taking all of those off for the first three years. I'm hopeless at doing that. I am always anxious for fruit. Last year it did have a little but it has grown so much since then. I'm tempted to just let it fruit and see how it goes.

I've finished stitching a little Angel cross stitch piece this past week but haven't taken any pics yet. Also did a couple of very quick pieces which fit into a key ring - little souvenirs from Scotland. Will have to get the camera out and show you next time what they look like. Quite cute - especially the Scottish Coo!


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Karen said...

How lovely to have a lemon tree! I have a hard time clipping off little blossoms too. I know it gives strength to newly planted flowers, but it hurts too much!

Enjoy the sunshine B-)