Monday, January 17, 2011

B90Days - week 2

Boy am I sure glad I'm through all those rules and regulations - even Deuteronomy's long sermon took some getting through but now I'm on to Joshua I feel sure I really enjoy reading each day.  I was pleased I only had one 'catch up' during last week - my morning reading time just seemed to slip away and I had to finish in the afternoon.

Three verses kind of jumped out at me:  Deuteronomy 10: 12 (Walk in His ways) 13: 17 & 18 (Keep His commands) and had a good chuckle at 24: 5 where a new bridegroom is instructed to not work for one year in order to keep his bride happy.  Wow! imagine that these days? LOL

DH is home on holiday this week - sadly we won't get to spend much time together as I am still required for childminding for another 3 weeks.  Much as I love these two 'nippers', I will be quite relieved when they are both at school for the new term.  While E7 begins on Monday 31st Jan, L5, beginning his first year at 'big school' starts a week later.  Called at the public library today and picked up two Elizabeth Elgin novels to read.  Very light reading - this woman writes novels about conditions during the World War 2 era - nice quick, light  'before going to sleep' kind of novels.

Below are two new acquisitions. I love the colours of the fuschia - just like a ballerina's tutu - and the orchid is tiny and quite fragile looking.

 Beautiful ballerina fuschia

Pretty pink phaeleonopsis orchid

Thanks for calling in - blessings!