Thursday, August 18, 2011

Just another showery day

Yesterday was so beautiful - sunny with a cool breeze.  Today is one of those misty, rainy kinds of day - snuggle up by the fire kind of day.  Four or five daffodils are poking their heads up - Spring definitely is just around the corner. 

Saw the funniest thing this morning (at  least I thought it was funny)!  In the lounge room opening up the venetian blinds to the dullness of the day when up the driveway strode a duck.  Now there was once when a pair of ducks flew in to our back yard and promptly dunked in the pool - salt water pool that is. Anyway  it was a rainy sort of day then, and they proceeded to peck around the grass looking for the odd grub before they winged their way again to who knows where.  As far as I know, the nearest place to us where ducks may congregate is around 4 kilometers.  Maybe this lone one came from there - perhaps on its way to another watering hole.

Anyway I digress!  From the waddling position on the driveway it suddenly lurched into upward flight and perched on a large branch on our huge gum tree.  There it sat, peering around in all directions. I wonder if it was looking for a mate maybe lost along the way to who knows where.  Anyway I left it to its own devices in that high perch - can't imagine it would have stayed long with so many native birds invading using the tree for their own romancing.

Got a lovely surprise yesterday in the mail - a beautiful 'Welcoming Angel' (Lordi) gift from our Texan DIL - a thankyou after their stay with us recently.  Entirely unexpected and appreciated!  Thank you so much R - you are a treasure!

What to do today?  A few things cross my mind - grocery shopping (now out of spuds), card making (got some new cardstock yesterday), laundry (no - out of the question today with the sprinkling happening), I'm sure I'll think of something!

Have a wonderful Friday with blessings!