Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The visit to the medical centre was pretty disappointing yesterday. The 'machine' had broken down in the X-Ray department so the report on my toe couldn't be retrieved. "Well," the aged doctor said - "I had a look at the film and it looks OK" - hopefully that means there is no broken bones!

With a hasty "put on a simple dressing" to the treatment room assistant - he was gone!

I'm not sure what my next step is since I have a bruised toe with the nail hanging off. I think I'll be making a visit to my regular doctor tomorrow to see what the next step should be.

Apart from the toe problem though we spent a pleasant New Years evening with family and friends, enjoying a bbq meal and later playing Wii games. That was so much fun - especially with a family who are all extremely competitive. Watched the wonderful fireworks display at 9pm on the TV and headed home about 10.30pm to do it all again at midnight. Sydney excelled itself with pyrotechnic magnificence!

Welcome to 2009! May it be a healthy, safe, happy and blessed one for all!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


After a really restless and (almost) sleepless night, this morning I'm feeling rather sorry for myself. The fall yesterday has shaken me up a bit, and with the beginnings of bruising starting to show in many places, and the soreness to match, I'm planning to spend a very quiet day today. Not sure if I'll even feel like working on my stitching.

I have to make a visit to the medical centre this afternoon to get results of the X-Ray taken last night, and for my toe to be dressed so once that's done, I'll post the results.

TWO SURPRISES IN ONE DAY – ONE GOOD, ONE BAD and a little bit of Hogmany

I walked to the Post Office this morning instead of driving. Not very far – about 40 minutes there and back. A surprise package awaited me and I could hardly wait to get home to open it. It was a New Year gift and came from Scotland from a lady I’ve recently met through my family history website. She decided she wanted to search for her family and through the internet found that we share the same Great Grandparents. It has been an exciting few weeks of introduction and comparing notes. Interestingly, we share many of the same interests apart from genealogy. She explained in a note with the gift, the Scottish tradition of ‘First Footing’ or as she says in Edinburgh, ‘First Fittin’.

On Hogmany (night of Dec 31st) visits are made to relatives and friends. At the New Year bells, the first foot should be tall, dark and handsome to bring good luck to the house. It is tradition to bring a dram of whisky, a piece of coal and salt or perhaps some ‘clootie dumpling’. The whisky to toast the health of the host, the coal to put on the fire and bring warmth and something to eat so that the house will not go hungry. Her gift was a bottle of very fine Scotch whisky to help us bring in the New Year. Somehow, I don’t think our New Year celebrations will stretch to anything like that after my second surprise late this afternoon!

I went outside to remove the dead heads from the rose bushes – good for the compost heap. It has been another hot day – temperature reaching to about 35 degrees Celsius and it was still very warm. I was probably not thinking about what I was doing – I often daydream while in the garden – even now I’m not sure exactly how it happened – but I found myself in pain on the ground, my knees, elbows and nose being the most painful. I was anxious about my glasses and my teeth but both seemed OK. I gingerly moved myself over to my back and as I lay there on the hot pavers, tried to assess the real damage. From the top down I realized my nose was feeling ‘squashed’ and my lip was cut. Elbow on my right arm stung from a graze and my wrist was painful. Left arm seemed OK. Both knees were also stinging and I felt sure they were grazed too but on closer inspection when I was able to get up into a sitting position, they looked OK but bruising beginning to show. The biggest surprise when I looked further down as the pain began to hit hard was my big toe on my right foot. What a sight it looks! I won’t begin to describe it as it’s rather nasty. When I’d gathered my wits about me I realized that I had tripped on the top step of three which takes us from grassed area to paving below. I shakily made my way into the house and relayed the news to DH who is having a few days off work. A trip to the medical centre has proved inconclusive but an X-Ray was taken and I’m to go back for an appointment tomorrow get the results and the possibility of having the toe nail removed.

As I write this journal, it’s 1am – yes I have been to bed but can’t sleep. Somehow I think this is going to be a very long night!

Monday, December 29, 2008


Well - at least scissors cutting thread!

I did it - I 'bit the bullet' as we say here 'down-under'. (In other words I gritted my teeth and did it - even though I was nervous of making a mess of it)
Here's the result.

Friday, December 26, 2008


I know I said the next photo of Heirloom Homecoming would be the finished piece, but having worked on the hardanger section on and off over the Christmas period, I felt rather pleased with the way it's turned out - so far - so here it is. Now will be the hardest part for me - I hate cutting - never feeling quite confident that I'm doing it in the right spot.

I'll have to be brave though and hope I don't ruin the whole thing!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


For many years now the adults in our family have chosen not to give gifts to each other at Christmas time. The kids – well that’s a different matter – and they get spoiled rotten!

Yesterday we joined with family and friends at our son and daughter in law’s house where we had a scrumptious Christmas dinner with all the yummy trimmings. Lamb, beef, ham, baked vegetables, plum pudding, pavlova, fresh fruit salad and cream. Yummy!

Opening gifts from the tree is a special time of sharing too. Much excitement and piles of ripped paper as gifts from family members were opened. My two eldest grandies surprised me with a special gift – a beautiful ceramic bird bath. For a number of years now they have seen the beautiful rainbow lorikeets and native Noisy Miners arrive in our backyard to greedily eat grain bread and scoop from the tired old plastic plant pot saucer that holds their water. From today they have a brand new shining bird bath – well up off the ground – where I’m hoping they will soon come to drink and bathe. So far I haven’t seen any of them venture in – but being the cheeky, inquisitive and friendly birds they are, I don’t think it will be long!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


The lead up to Christmas this year seems to have been so much busier than other years. I really don’t know why but there seems to have been so many things to do, functions to attend, letters to write, cards to send, Christmas goodies to bake – the list goes on. Had ‘grandies’ to help put up the tree too – they loved helping – Grandma followed up putting decorations on that were’nt so secure – and the too high places.

Put a new set of ‘sparklies’ up outside under the eaves – this time a solar powered lot which are working well with enough sunshine each day to continue to power up the batteries.

While driving home last night (approx 35km) from a (rather cold) carols by candlelight combined bbq evening, DH and I commented to each other on the few homes we’d passed which had been lit and decorated for Christmas – compared to other Christmases. So when we drove into our street and did a circuit of our tiny area we were thrilled to see more Christmas lights (almost) than we had on the whole journey home! A couple in particular are magnificent displays and must have taken hours to prepare. There’s something about lights and decorated homes at Christmas that give me the ‘warm fuzzies’!

So with only 3 more sleeps before the ‘man in red’ arrives to deliver gifts to all good children, I was just thinking how grateful I am to be living in a country which still (despite pc) celebrates the coming of the Christ Child in the good old fashioned way of mangers, shepherds, Magi, gifts, stars – and yes, even trees and lights.

To any who may either deliberately visit or accidently stumble across this journal, my prayer for you is that you might have a safe, happy and peaceful Christmas. Blessings to you all!

Sunday, December 07, 2008


Had a really busy but enjoyable weekend. BBQ lunch at North Avoca (NSW Central Coast) with 'Top of the Hill' friends. Rushed back to Sydney to change and head of to Artarmon for an engagement celebration of a nephew. Sunday went to church service and later to another BBQ lunch at Greystanes with friends for a casual bible study afternoon. A very satisfying weekend all round!

Work in progress - report. Heirloom Homecoming Sampler section 2 finished.

Coming up - hardanger. Not at all sure about how to do this - will need to seek some advice I think. Only attempted this stitching once before on a tiny bookmark. This will be a challenge for me.

Next pic should be the finished piece I hope but I'm really enjoying this one even though I am having to use a headband 'blow-fly' type of magnifying goggles over my regular glasses. Not sure how good that is for the eyes generally but will have to persist despite all my best efforts originally to do without it.

Maybe my next project should be a visit to the optometrist to order a new pair of stronger 'close up' glasses!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


For the past few months I've had a really sore back, (nothing really new but worse than usual). After a couple of bouts of some kind of flu/virus which left me with an awful cough, my back pain was worse so eventually after rounds of doctors and xrays, an MRI scan was performed. This showed some nasty looking bulging discs which were pressing on a nerve. Treatment? Not much really - do nothing - or get jabbed in the back with some cortisone into the root nerve.

Decided nothing venture, nothing gain, I had this procedure done this week. At present I think it's 'settling in' - at least it's not worse than it was before. Apparently may take up to a week to do this 'settling' so I trusting that it does the trick.

No pictures this time - although strangely enough I got a couple of the procedure with the report - but I'm not putting those in this journal!