Tuesday, December 30, 2008

TWO SURPRISES IN ONE DAY – ONE GOOD, ONE BAD and a little bit of Hogmany

I walked to the Post Office this morning instead of driving. Not very far – about 40 minutes there and back. A surprise package awaited me and I could hardly wait to get home to open it. It was a New Year gift and came from Scotland from a lady I’ve recently met through my family history website. She decided she wanted to search for her family and through the internet found that we share the same Great Grandparents. It has been an exciting few weeks of introduction and comparing notes. Interestingly, we share many of the same interests apart from genealogy. She explained in a note with the gift, the Scottish tradition of ‘First Footing’ or as she says in Edinburgh, ‘First Fittin’.

On Hogmany (night of Dec 31st) visits are made to relatives and friends. At the New Year bells, the first foot should be tall, dark and handsome to bring good luck to the house. It is tradition to bring a dram of whisky, a piece of coal and salt or perhaps some ‘clootie dumpling’. The whisky to toast the health of the host, the coal to put on the fire and bring warmth and something to eat so that the house will not go hungry. Her gift was a bottle of very fine Scotch whisky to help us bring in the New Year. Somehow, I don’t think our New Year celebrations will stretch to anything like that after my second surprise late this afternoon!

I went outside to remove the dead heads from the rose bushes – good for the compost heap. It has been another hot day – temperature reaching to about 35 degrees Celsius and it was still very warm. I was probably not thinking about what I was doing – I often daydream while in the garden – even now I’m not sure exactly how it happened – but I found myself in pain on the ground, my knees, elbows and nose being the most painful. I was anxious about my glasses and my teeth but both seemed OK. I gingerly moved myself over to my back and as I lay there on the hot pavers, tried to assess the real damage. From the top down I realized my nose was feeling ‘squashed’ and my lip was cut. Elbow on my right arm stung from a graze and my wrist was painful. Left arm seemed OK. Both knees were also stinging and I felt sure they were grazed too but on closer inspection when I was able to get up into a sitting position, they looked OK but bruising beginning to show. The biggest surprise when I looked further down as the pain began to hit hard was my big toe on my right foot. What a sight it looks! I won’t begin to describe it as it’s rather nasty. When I’d gathered my wits about me I realized that I had tripped on the top step of three which takes us from grassed area to paving below. I shakily made my way into the house and relayed the news to DH who is having a few days off work. A trip to the medical centre has proved inconclusive but an X-Ray was taken and I’m to go back for an appointment tomorrow get the results and the possibility of having the toe nail removed.

As I write this journal, it’s 1am – yes I have been to bed but can’t sleep. Somehow I think this is going to be a very long night!


Melanie said...

Hi, Bee-Jay. Just stopped by to say Hi and found out about your accident. So sorry and I hope you mend soon. Hope nothing is broken. What a way to begin a new year! I had a big toe nail removed once due to an accident. It felt so much better when it was off!

Bee Jay said...

Thanks for your kind thoughts Melanie.