Tuesday, December 30, 2008


After a really restless and (almost) sleepless night, this morning I'm feeling rather sorry for myself. The fall yesterday has shaken me up a bit, and with the beginnings of bruising starting to show in many places, and the soreness to match, I'm planning to spend a very quiet day today. Not sure if I'll even feel like working on my stitching.

I have to make a visit to the medical centre this afternoon to get results of the X-Ray taken last night, and for my toe to be dressed so once that's done, I'll post the results.

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Melanie said...

Just checking up on your toe. Hope it's feeling better and quickly mends. It's still 2008 here but I think it's 2009 in Australia now for you. Hope you and your family and your toe have a very healthy, happy new year.