Sunday, April 27, 2008


I pulled the plastic storage tub out and began rummaging. I really had no idea what I was looking for except that it had to be small and quick enough to complete in a few days. I was tired of the sampler I'd been laboriously working away on for what seemed an age. Amongst some papers and patterns which had been in the tub for years, I came across a piece which I'd torn from a magazine. I'd always promised myself I'd try it out as I really liked the style of this little Australian cottage. I'd done a larger one of a similar house a number of years ago called "The Briars" ( I think the design was by Juniper) and had always intended to stitch this tiny 'look alike'.

Inspired with the finding I set to using a neutral toned linen and chose my own colours from DMC floss instead of using those in the original. I think it has turned out OK and now I'll hunt around for a suitable 'early Australian' looking frame to complete the picture. Anyway this is how it turned out.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

As our weather cools off I get the bug to knit. The local church where I’ve been attending a Bible Study group, recently held a ‘Soup and Knit’ night to make knitted squares which would be sewn together to make knee rugs for the elderly. I couldn’t attend that night but promised to try to make a few squares to put along with all the others knitted that night. After not having done any knitting for several months, my fingers certainly told me in a short amount of time that they were suffering from arthritic joints and it was a bit of a shock to find how painful they were after the first couple of attempts. Anyway despite this I managed to get a few squares finished and now hopefully they will be sewn by energetic people to make the rugs.

On reflecting my knitting career of recent times, I remembered that last year I had interspersed knitting jumpers for grandchildren with some tiny baby caps and booties. I really enjoyed making these tiny garments and have done them now for a couple of years in between other projects. They are quick to make and look so cute when they are finished and I love making them in different colours.

The last 12 lots I finished I sent off to a country hospital in New South Wales where they don’t get quite as much support as the large city ones do. I find it’s a really worthwhile thing to do and I know the mums of tiny premature babies appreciate having a cap and booties the right size too, when sometimes they weren’t prepared for an early birth. The real pleasure for me is knowing that my ‘love’ gift will be used without any knowledge of who I am or where the gift came from. Tiny babies - know that coming with this token gift, was my prayer that you will grow healthy and strong, and soon be able to go home with the family who love you.