Friday, May 15, 2009


While I'm not necessarily anxious to announce to the world, I wanted to let those of you who read my journal occasionally know, that I'll be having surgery to my lower spine next week. It's a kind of 'repeat performance' if you like, having similar 5 1/2 years ago - this time it's just in a different part of my spine. I have a very good surgeon and I have faith in my God that He will be with me and guide the minds and hands of all those who have responsibility for my surgery. It means though that apart from being in hospital for about 6 days, I'll not be tapping away at my computer for a bit after that. The rehabilitation is lengthy and last time I found it rather slow but sitting for long periods of time is a 'no-no' until my back gets a bit stronger.

This I will miss - I spend lots of time doing all sorts of bits and pieces - from family history, to corresponding and keeping up with my friends spread all around the world, and all sorts of other activities that internet surfing leads one to.

But I will be back! Just don't know how long it will take.

Meantime, take care my friend, and blessings!

Friday, May 08, 2009


One week ago today I woke to torrential rain – what a disappointment! We (DH and I) had so much to do on this morning of the ‘birthday bash!’ Dashing through the supermarket, gathering all the items on the shopping list and hoping we hadn’t forgotten anything. Then off to get balloons and back again to deliver to the venue, all we needed for the preparations to begin.

The ‘birthday girl’ wanted nothing more than to be involved – in fact would have been more than happy to be ‘director of traffic’ – however knowing that would have been more hindrance than help on this occasion, DIL kindly waited with her and tried to keep her occupied.

Preparations went well, birthday cake in pride of place, caterers arrived with oodles of food, kitchen helpers, chair movers, data projection operators, all checked out their duties and at last it was time to pick up my now, 90 year old Mum.

Guests arrived – over 50 of them – and Mum was in her element – gracious and entertaining, chatting, and introducing. It was a wonderful afternoon, an ice breaker quiz, a slide show of photographs from childhood to present and topped off by the blowing of candles and cutting of cake.
Weeks of telephone and email communication tying up loose ends from another country had paid off and all of us were extremely pleased with the way the day had turned out. Even though the rain persisted for most of the day, by the time we were finished tidying up and leaving the venue as we’d found it, the sun began peeking through the clouds as it set over the horizon.

Sunday dawned bright with the promise of a beautiful day. Dinner with 16 family members topped off a great weekend of birthday celebration.

Our flight home was uneventful and as always we were pleased to be back in our own beds, but secure in the fact that we have left Mum with well over 70 cards and greetings from so many family and friends, so many happy memories of her very eventful 90th birthday.