Thursday, June 25, 2009

This morning I was forced into some sense of ‘normalcy’ when at 7.50am the doorbell rang and two little grandsons E5 and L3 burst in the door. “Ganma” – the chatter began – verbal bedlam reigned with them trying to get a word in edgeways above their mum and me trying to hold some semblance of an understandable conversation.

They were so excited to be ‘back’ at Granma’s house. Today and tomorrow I will only need to drop them off to school and preschool and later on, pick them up and have them here for a couple of hours until Mum arrives to take them home. I think I should be able to cope with that reasonably well. Next week will see me back into the ‘normal’ Wednesday and Friday regime and will have L3 with me for one whole day and off to preschool on the other.

It hardly seems like 5 weeks I’ve been on my ‘surgical break’. I think I’m ready to step back into normal life again. Just need to take things a little slower than I usual and am willing to let DH continue doing the vacuuming and pegging the washing on the line.

Which reminds me – it’s my DH’s birthday today. He barely remembered when I gave him his card – but then I know how he feels. As the years creep by, my birthday’s seem less relevant than once they were and we tend to want to forget our ages as the numbers increase.

He told me tonight though that the guys at work helped him celebrate with a great chocolate cake for morning tea - nice to be remembered that way isn't it?

I've been playing "Farm Town" on Facebook for the last few days and yes, it is addictive, but I think I shall probably get tired of it before long. It's very much like all those FB games in many ways. I've enjoyed Scavenger Hunt too but probably Scrabble is my favourite although I know it's not available in the USA or Canada. Shame!

Well I'm off to bed to try to get a good nights rest before another day with the grandies here.

Have a blessed day!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


It is so lovely to see the sun and feel its heat - though weak - it has brightened my day. This morning dawned grey and cloudy again but the weather forecasters were correct when they said it would clear to a sunny afternoon. What a difference the sun makes to the way we feel - especially in the winter time.

I've been out and about today, visited the library for more books and DVD's, went to the big hardware store and picked up fertilizer for my broccoli and some long handled gardening tools and since I've been back home even felt like doing some sweeping to move the leaves which had gathered at the entrance to my front door over the past few weeks. It was so good to even feel like doing some of these things again.

As I sit here typing, it's late afternoon and the sun is fading now quickly but it has been so bright it reminded me of a very old Sunday School chorus we used to sing in New Zealand. I don't remember if the words are even correct and I wouldn't know who wrote it but it's been running through my head - and sometimes its hard to get rid of those kind of tunes that have a habit of staying -

Sunshine, Sunshine, shining along our pathway,
Guiding, guiding, just where the Saviour would go,
Shining, shining, when all the way seems gloomy,
Jesus lights our way up to Glory, with Sunshine Rays.

Does anyone remember that?

Saturday, June 20, 2009


My first time back in church this morning since my surgery. It was good to meet up with friends again and be in the presence of the Lord in corporate worship.
Thank you Lord for your healing, blessings and mercies. I believe I'm on the road to recovery - and heaven!

Have a blessed Sunday!

Friday, June 19, 2009


These are the cheekiest little birds ever. They usually come flying over to the house from the trees at the back of our house and perch themselves on the shade sail directly above the kitchen window each morning as soon as they hear human sounds - the kettle beginning to heat, water running from the sink or even just us moving back and forth being busy with breakfast or coffee.

How could you be anything but cheerful when they poke their brightly coloured heads over the side of the sail and chirp and chitter making sure we know they are wanting their scraps of bread?

I managed to catch one a few days ago with my camera beginning to fly off the sail - it was unfortunate that I wasn't able to capture the wings totally but I did get a glimpse of the brilliant colours - no wonder they are called Rainbow Lorikeets. God's wonderful handiwork!


Sunday, June 14, 2009


Woke up this morning to bright sunshine and a cool temperature. There had been a shower of rain overnight which put a sprinkle of 'dewiness' on this beautiful rose - the last of our season.

It's called Yvonne Kenny - named after a famous Australian opera singer.

Just had to show you what a gorgeous bloom this one is and what a blessing that it is just outside my kitchen window where I can look at it each time I need to do something at the kitchen bench.

I'm off on my first 'experimental' walk and will let you know how it goes.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Three good nights makes the world of difference! Instead of crawling out of bed in the morning because I couldn't bear being there any longer, I've gotten out feeling at last I'm beginning to feel as though I can join the human race again. There have been times during the past few weeks when sleep has not been possible, mainly because of leg and back pain. All I could do was talk to the Lord and tell Him how I felt - of course that didn't immediately take the pain away - but I was comforted by the fact of knowing that He knew all about my pain and I did have faith enough to believe that it would get better - and it is.

Yesterday DH spent a busy day doing chores, washing and pegging it on the clothesline, making a big saucepan full of beautiful vegetable soup, mowing the lawns and as well drove me to the library to both return and pick up more reading material and DVD's. While out we picked up a few groceries at the supermarket and then headed for home. Probably we were out for a couple of hours - and I was totally pooped when we arrived home. But it was so good to get away from the house for even that short time.

Tomorrow I plan to start walking a little way. I think doing a circuit of our street will be enough to begin - normally I expect it would only take me about 4 minutes to do it however I am thinking I'll be lucky to make it in about 6 or 7 tomorrow. The weather should hold out - we've had a few days of beautiful sunshine after a couple of frosty starts and we are expecting more rain later in the week - so I think tomorrow I must make the effort and try to do a little each day. I am feeling stronger - and I know I'm gaining some of the weight I lost - so that is enough incentive for me to give it a try.

Have a blessed Sunday!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I can hardly believe its 3 1/2 weeks since my surgery. It has been slow and quite painful so far but I kinda knew it would be. I've been taking it easy, resting lots, reading, watching awful TV shows, doing crossword puzzles, watching a few DVD's and generally trying to take things slowly. It is frustrating though when there are things I'd like to get on with.
I get sudden urges to get out my scrapbooking stuff and do a couple of pages, but then I lose enthusiasm. Same with cross stitching or knitting. Anyway, I'm not stressing about it. I guess all too soon I'll be back in the thick of all the activities I'm normally involved in.
I do have to be careful though, how long I sit for. I haven't found a chair yet that I am really comfortable in - so I'm just doing it in short bursts - then go back and lie down on the bed again for a little while.
Well - that's my life just for now - I am grateful for a really supportive DH and family who have given me heaps of phone calls, flowers, cards, and attention and generally looked after my every need.
And thanks everyone for your cheery notes, thoughts and emails. They are certainly appreciated.