Thursday, June 25, 2009

This morning I was forced into some sense of ‘normalcy’ when at 7.50am the doorbell rang and two little grandsons E5 and L3 burst in the door. “Ganma” – the chatter began – verbal bedlam reigned with them trying to get a word in edgeways above their mum and me trying to hold some semblance of an understandable conversation.

They were so excited to be ‘back’ at Granma’s house. Today and tomorrow I will only need to drop them off to school and preschool and later on, pick them up and have them here for a couple of hours until Mum arrives to take them home. I think I should be able to cope with that reasonably well. Next week will see me back into the ‘normal’ Wednesday and Friday regime and will have L3 with me for one whole day and off to preschool on the other.

It hardly seems like 5 weeks I’ve been on my ‘surgical break’. I think I’m ready to step back into normal life again. Just need to take things a little slower than I usual and am willing to let DH continue doing the vacuuming and pegging the washing on the line.

Which reminds me – it’s my DH’s birthday today. He barely remembered when I gave him his card – but then I know how he feels. As the years creep by, my birthday’s seem less relevant than once they were and we tend to want to forget our ages as the numbers increase.

He told me tonight though that the guys at work helped him celebrate with a great chocolate cake for morning tea - nice to be remembered that way isn't it?

I've been playing "Farm Town" on Facebook for the last few days and yes, it is addictive, but I think I shall probably get tired of it before long. It's very much like all those FB games in many ways. I've enjoyed Scavenger Hunt too but probably Scrabble is my favourite although I know it's not available in the USA or Canada. Shame!

Well I'm off to bed to try to get a good nights rest before another day with the grandies here.

Have a blessed day!


Barbara said...

I hope DH had a Happy Birthday, but I do understand the passing of birthdays the older you get. Somehow I feel we should celebrate more because we are still here, but somehow it doesn't feel the same as when we are young. Speaking of age, keeping the grandchildren sure make you aware of it, doesn't it...although I love the time spent with them....I am usually spent when its over. Have a great week.

Melanie said...

Hi Beejay, My internet browser hasn't let me get on your site for a few days. I'm not sure why. Glad you're enjoying Farm Town. It is addicting. We'll have to find each other! I imagine it will be feel good to get life back to "normal". Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

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