Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Last Tuesday was my first 'big day out' since my surgery. I wasn't at all sure how I would cope with all the walking I knew I was planning to do but guess I just 'stepped out in faith'.
I have been interested in joining a U3A class or two for a couple of years now but have never found any within a reasonable driving distance that had vacancies in the areas I was interested in. It seems that many people who join a particular class, never leave but just continue on year after year - which means there are rarely any vacancies within that group. Recently I saw a small advertisement in one of our local papers for classes in an area which I could access by bus, so I phoned and got a class list sent out to me. Wonder of wonders, I have found two classes I am interested in which have a vacancy. One is family history and genealogy and the other calligraphy. The first class I could attend was on Tuesday (genealogy). I made up my mind I would go and see whether I felt comfortable joining that group.
Meanwhile on Monday a dear friend who is visiting Sydney from NZ phoned me to ask if I could meet her and her DH for lunch on Tuesday. Since both her suggestion and the class were in the same area, we made arrangements to meet.
I walked from home to the bus stop and got to Parramatta with time to walk to the restaurant. Had a delicious lunch of veal schnitzel and mushrooms with the added bonus of great company!
Walked to where the class was being held and found it quite interesting. I'll go back one more time before I decide if it's 'for me'. When it was over I walked back to the bus station and after being dropped at my nearest stop, walked home again. I was totally pooped from the most walking I'd done in weeks!
Today I'm attending the other class I've chosen - calligraphy. Again I'll do a 'try out' session and see if it's what I want. I'll be catching the bus again into the same area but won't have the extra walking to and from the restaurant that I had on Tuesday! However, I do feel I'm improving each day and am hoping it won't be too much longer that I'm altogether 'back to normal' - if one ever knows what normal really is.
Have a blessed day!


Amy said...

Gosh what an interesting class on genealogy! What did you find out? Glad you got out for the first time, you probably appreciate it more now...and thanks for your prayers :-)

Barbara said...

I think taking a Calligraphy class would be great fun. I am so glad you are doing better and able to get out. I pray your healing continues. Have a great evening.