Wednesday, July 23, 2008


School holidays – two tiddlers to look after – sunshine – all good ingredients to take a trip to Featherdale Wildlife Park. Not too far from where we live, I’d been meaning to take them for a while – just waiting for the right time. I’d done my homework and knew that I could get one child in on a free pass if I completed a kind of ‘animal trail’ on their internet site so had that all printed out and ready.

Set out about 10.30 – still cool but brilliant sunshine. Car park almost full but grabbed one of the last spots – 11am began to line up for tickets – 30 minutes later we reached the box. The boys were excellent while waiting and not one growl out of them for having to wait for so long. We picked a day (of course – Murphy’s Law) when there were hundreds of others with the same idea – coach loads of Asian visitors, kids and grandparents, tourist “Pilgrims” here for the Pope’s visit to Sydney – and us!

In at last. A passport type of brochure was issued to each and the hunt was on to find the 8 animals pictured inside, and receive a stamp for each. The kids had fun doing this and it kept their interest up. A great place to take in a wide variety of Australian birds and animals including wombats, emus, koalas, kangaroos, dingo, fruit bats and heaps of others.

An hour and a half after arriving there we were on our way back home, stopping at “Macca’s” to pick up a couple of happy meals. They enjoyed their visit and I got pleasure from taking them. A worthwhile day all round!

Pics show white peacock displaying its beautiful tail feathers and wombat.