Sunday, September 25, 2011

Floriade 2011

Weather was not great!  From warm Spring temperatures a few days before, it had zoomed backward to winter - cold - windy - rainy. Still we ventured out into it, after all this is what we'd come for - to experience Floriade 2011, an annual Spring event in our Capital, Canberra.

We had  been fortunate indeed to secure an overnight accommodation booking so our first port of call on arrival in Canberra was to check the whereabouts and get keys and address of our apartment.  We were surprised and delighted to find it was in a security block, and very new.  Beautifully appointed close to all tourist attractions Canberra offers, it was all we could have hoped for.  After surfing the net for over an hour and almost giving up hope of finding anything under $400 per night available, this was amazing!

Wrapped up in winter woollies and armed with camera we joined the thousands of people all heading for Commonwealth Park.  It didn't disappoint.  The colours, sights, smells were all we'd imagined.  For the most part we stayed dry - the one huge downpour struck just as we entered a huge marquee where we sat and enjoyed a cooking demonstration for the time it took for the rain to stop. Fortuitous indeed!

So many photos taken, which to choose?  Just a few of the amazing colours we saw!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Would an anaesthetic do that?

I guess I'm just looking for an excuse to blame for my slackness!  I'm doing well in terms of recovery and rehabilitation - just lacking in things to say.

Have had a couple of nice outings in the last week or so however my life at present is still rather mundane.

We travelled to the city to join with about 60 others to help a very 'young in heart and mind' 80year old celebrate her birthday.  It was a 'high tea' event but held at 1pm which I guess was more like a luncheon.  We gathered in a big city hotel which was all very 'swish' and spent a couple of hours mingling and nibbling with her, her rellies and friends.  It was a very happy time and her daughter was so pleased it had turned out so well.  It had taken her 18 months to actually persuade her mum to have the celebration.  'Do you know people treat you differently when they know you're old' was her comment.  Now if ever an elderly lady didn't look her age it is this one!  So I'm sure that no-one will be treating her any differently now that they know her real age!

The Bible Study I attend on a Tuesday is run from the local Anglican church (not my regular worship place) and is held during each 4 school terms.  Towards the end of each term, we forgo our study on one morning and join at a garden centre which isn't too far away, for a social get together and morning tea.  It's really nice to just chat.  This morning was our last day until after the school holidays are over. 

Have started making some Christmas cards too.  On our recent trip to Perth our niece showed me a really nice design for a card which opens up like a shallow box.  I'm doing some to give as gifts this Christmas and will place a small remembrance inside.  Once I have some finished I'll get a photo up.  After I'd put my camera up on the shelf last week, it fell out and onto the floor.  I did check it and it seems OK but I'll have to really give it a good run soon and make sure it hasn't been damaged.  Fortunately the lens was locked! 

Many blessings! 


Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's Monday

Despite the inclement weekend weather, the last couple of days have been good. On Saturday morning we attended a Spring Fair at a local retirement village - our real motivation was to view one of their units currently for sale.  Although we feel we are probably not quite ready for village living, we are trying to think ahead to get an idea of what it might be like, what the accommodations are like, what charges we'd be up for etc.  Although lovely and in beautifully set out grounds with so many facilities, the actual unit was very tiny.  Two reasonably sized bedrooms, small living area and two huge bathrooms. We felt the bathroom situation was rather overkill however it may be that they were planned with wheelchairs in mind.  We'll keep looking over the next few months to get a feel of values but truthfully, I'm not sure that kind of living is for me - just yet.  Ideal for a single person probably.

Enjoyed getting out to our worship service on Sunday morning - my first time since surgery.

Put the fire on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons as temps still quite chilly. This is the first September ever I can remember being cold enough for fires. Global warming eh?

This morning's U S Open win for Aussie Sam Stosur was a great feat - today was just her day!  Shame about her oponent losing her cool at one point and would certainly not go down as good sportsmanship in the eyes of many.  Good for Sam to overcome when her emotions might have easily over-ridden her calmness.

Our Butcher birds are back - cheeky as ever!  Normally a shy and fairly elusive bird, they perch themselves on the pool fence just outside the back door waiting for the ground beef I throw out for them.  They take the morsel in their beak and fly off to the next which I've discovered is in a neighbours high tree. I look forward again to the time when they will bring their babies to visit.

Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Back to wheels

I'm so happy - I'm allowed to drive again!  No, I didn't lose my licence to drive but had to have a break after my surgery however I've now been cleared to get back behind the wheel and my first 'outing' today is to the public library to get more reading material.

I'm feeling really good and although I still have to be very careful and cautious of what I do - no lifting, twisting etc - I'm doing well and so grateful for such a terrific recovery.  I am confident that if I 'stick to the rules' I'll be 'up and at it' in no time at all.  Of course I'm not going to be silly about those things like vacuuming and putting washing on the line at present - especially when DH is such a darling and so willing to do it for me!

Thanks for all your good wishes dear friends!


Saturday, September 03, 2011

Fathers Day Downunder

It has been a perfect Spring day!  Temperature warm and sunshine. Beautiful! What has made it more special is that today in Oz is 'Father's Day'!

Talk about being waited on - a visit at lunch time by son and DIL with gifts (gold pass for both of us to the cinema) plus a beautiful roast dinner for us each for tonight.  We were just finishing up lunch with them - home made chicken and vegetable soup which DH made yesterday, when in came daughter, SIL and two grandboys.  More Fathers Day wishes and chocolate cake to celebrate.

We are so grateful for such a loving and caring family.  Thank you Lord!


Friday, September 02, 2011

Took a little wander this morning

I'm getting stronger each day.  Took a visit to the library today - my book needed returning and I need some extra reading material.  DH drove me and did the shopping while I mooched.  Was good to get out of the house for a little while.
Thanks to those of you who have cheered me with your kind comments.