Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Would an anaesthetic do that?

I guess I'm just looking for an excuse to blame for my slackness!  I'm doing well in terms of recovery and rehabilitation - just lacking in things to say.

Have had a couple of nice outings in the last week or so however my life at present is still rather mundane.

We travelled to the city to join with about 60 others to help a very 'young in heart and mind' 80year old celebrate her birthday.  It was a 'high tea' event but held at 1pm which I guess was more like a luncheon.  We gathered in a big city hotel which was all very 'swish' and spent a couple of hours mingling and nibbling with her, her rellies and friends.  It was a very happy time and her daughter was so pleased it had turned out so well.  It had taken her 18 months to actually persuade her mum to have the celebration.  'Do you know people treat you differently when they know you're old' was her comment.  Now if ever an elderly lady didn't look her age it is this one!  So I'm sure that no-one will be treating her any differently now that they know her real age!

The Bible Study I attend on a Tuesday is run from the local Anglican church (not my regular worship place) and is held during each 4 school terms.  Towards the end of each term, we forgo our study on one morning and join at a garden centre which isn't too far away, for a social get together and morning tea.  It's really nice to just chat.  This morning was our last day until after the school holidays are over. 

Have started making some Christmas cards too.  On our recent trip to Perth our niece showed me a really nice design for a card which opens up like a shallow box.  I'm doing some to give as gifts this Christmas and will place a small remembrance inside.  Once I have some finished I'll get a photo up.  After I'd put my camera up on the shelf last week, it fell out and onto the floor.  I did check it and it seems OK but I'll have to really give it a good run soon and make sure it hasn't been damaged.  Fortunately the lens was locked! 

Many blessings! 



Elizabethd said...

so glad you are continuing in good health, and able to get out a bit now. Your tea party sounds lovely!

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, You certainly are staying busy but so glad you are doing well. Loved hearing about the high tea and party-how fun.
Our bible study(also at another church)starts tomorrow; another Beth Moore study on David and I'm so eager to begin. Have a wonderful day dear friend.

NanaNor's said...

Hi dear BeeJay, I wanted to share that although I love living in a climate with four seasons, my sweet man does not like the cold-due to arthritis. So he dreads the coming of winter but since our entire family is here he just lives with it. We are supposed to have less snow this year and at different times so it will be interesting to see what the Lord has for us. Hugs today.