Thursday, November 29, 2012

Chit Chat

Last day of November!  I guess we all have a tendency to say 'where's this year gone?' and in some ways I feel that way too but I also can look back over the past few months and realise I've crammed so much into those days and weeks.
Today is the day I remember my youngest brother who passed away 5 years ago.  He would have been 64 today had he lived but he was a person who lived life to the fullest. He had travelled the world, loved the sea and its creatures, and was passionate about whales and dolphins and in the early '70s was an instigator of Project Jonah when the anti-whaling movement in New Zealand was in its infancy. Many times he frolicked with dolphins, they seemed to be a magnet to each other, them coming right up to him and nudging his face - wonderfully lasting memories we have on film.
So - one more month till we bring in 2013 - quite often so busy we reach Christmas day exhausted - but this year, I'm hoping for quieter days. Christmas gifts for the two little grandies already done - thanks to a well organised daughter - Christmas cake made 3 weeks ago - sweet!
The weather forecast for today and tomorrow is not so good though - we have a heatwave and no relief until Saturday night - meantime though I have a trim to my very 'out of control shape' hair this morning - and a 'Santa' beard to purchase (if I can find one). DH is being 'him' for our church again this year.  The 'suit' is one I made 30 years ago and is still in fairly good 'nick' but the beard has become rather tangled and 'itchy' to wear - so I'm on the hunt. Let's hope there's a few Christmas shops around that I can search through.