Wednesday, December 03, 2008


For the past few months I've had a really sore back, (nothing really new but worse than usual). After a couple of bouts of some kind of flu/virus which left me with an awful cough, my back pain was worse so eventually after rounds of doctors and xrays, an MRI scan was performed. This showed some nasty looking bulging discs which were pressing on a nerve. Treatment? Not much really - do nothing - or get jabbed in the back with some cortisone into the root nerve.

Decided nothing venture, nothing gain, I had this procedure done this week. At present I think it's 'settling in' - at least it's not worse than it was before. Apparently may take up to a week to do this 'settling' so I trusting that it does the trick.

No pictures this time - although strangely enough I got a couple of the procedure with the report - but I'm not putting those in this journal!

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