Thursday, November 20, 2008


Have you ever been bitten by a Rainbow Lorikeet? No? Until a couple of days ago neither had I, but I know now how it feels - OUCH!! It happened like this:

If you've read any of my earlier posts you will remember that I feed little lorikeets fairly regularly in my back yard. A couple of months ago a flock of the hated brown Indian Myna birds turned up with a couple of them eventually trying to nest in the next door neighbour's pergola. These two have stayed in the area and have continued to terrorise the native birds which roost in the nearby large gum trees.

A few days ago I noticed one myna bird 'dive-bombing' one of the lorikeets - actually making a run at it and pecking it's little green head. I made an attempt to shoo it away but it kept coming back however, wisely, the lorikeet took off and didn't come back. Two days ago the myna bird was 'at it' again. This time injuring the lorikeet it was attacking to the extent that it couldn't fly. I saw it in the yard again an hour or so later, looking sick and again being 'dive-bombed' by the myna. It began vomiting and just seemed to be rolling on its side, not being able to get up. I managed to get a box and thought I'd cover it over until it recovered a little. I threw an old tea towel over it (or at least I tried to get it over) but the breeze caught it and it only covered half of the bird. I made a dive for it myself hoping to pick it up and get it in the box but in the process it grabbed my finger and wouldn't let go. Perhaps it thought it would have a go at me instead of the myna! After physically having to prise it's beak off, I managed to get the box over it and I retreated to the house to clean up a bleeding finger. Oh did it sting. The bird had taken quite a chunk out of me!

Inside I washed it off and smothered it with an iodine-based antiseptic cream and wrapped it up. I can tell you though my heart was thumping after the experience. While the bird seemed to recover enough to get itself out of the box about 3 hours later, I'm left with a very sore finger - but I think I'll live to tell the tale. However my resolve is to try to hire an Indian Myna bird trap and get rid of these backyard pests once and for all!

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