Friday, November 14, 2008


It had been planned for more than 18 months and ended up with 22 of us gathering at a resort on the Gold Coast. A week spent with family like this is just such a pleasure and getting to know a couple of new family members made it even more special.

Being one of 5 boys who now live in two different countries it’s difficult for DH to get to see much of his brothers which is why the ‘reunion’ was decided upon so long ago. The first one we had was in 1990 to celebrate a special milestone birthday – this time we celebrated with another brother who was also having a similar birthday to remember and a great night to mark the occasion was enjoyed with the highlight being (apart from the beautiful birthday cake and choir), a game of pass the parcel, complete with well thought out descriptions for each lucky beneficiary!

Being together in the one resort meant that we were able to ‘visit’ with each family but still ‘do our own thing’ at other times. The whole group visit to Seaworld was definitely a good day with everyone getting to do and see what they wanted. After everyone watching the Dolphin Show together, we went our different ways to check out displays and rides to our hearts content. Meeting occasionally throughout the day was a time to discuss what fun it was on the Bermuda Triangle, roller coaster or Water Flume ride – or how I could have possibly have missed getting photos of it while being at best viewing spot!

Whether having BBQ’s, dinner at Sizzlers or just visiting each other’s unit to catch up, all were in agreement that this was a great way to spend time together – and we have resolved to do it all again in three years time!

Thanks for the great memories family!

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Suzanne said...

It sounds like everyone had a fun time!!
Thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comments. Suz/VA