Friday, November 14, 2008


One of the shops I browsed when in Bowral recently (girls weekend away) was filled with the most delicious fabrics, threads, charts and gifts I’ve seen for a long time. I could have spent much more time there just taking it all in but one chart ‘took my fancy’ as soon as I saw it. I recognized the type of work that it contained as similar to a magazine chart I’d kept from years ago and on investigation found it is by the same person – Thea Dueck. I love the way she combines my loved cross stitching with little areas of other types of stitching including hardanger.

I had to buy the chart – and without even looking too far into it to see what I needed to stitch it! After checking that all out found I didn’t have any fabric that was suitable so made a visit to my local stitching shop the next week and got started on it. It will be quite long when finished but the stitched area is only about 5 ½ inches wide.

Here's the first section of it:

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