Monday, June 07, 2010


Today was my volunteer duty day at the Tourist & Visitor information centre. It's a fairly new one which is housed in a beautiful restored historic house. Today was sunny but cool and a bit slow at the centre. I kept busy by beginning a bit of blurb on the house which volunteers may find interesting especially when visitors come in and ask questions about the history.
My refrigerator is sick - it's been leaking water for about a week but not all the time. It seems to be related to opening the freezer door somehow but I can't figure out why it does this. I'm going to have to call the repair man tomorrow to come have a look see at what gives. It's only 11 years young but these days they don't make stuff the way they used to a few years ago. In this throw-away society I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear it's on it's last legs. I hope not - there's more I could spend $1000 on at present!

Am off to bed for an early night!


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