Monday, March 29, 2010


Tomorrow we're off! A long awaited o/s visit to friends and distant rellies in the UK then to stay with eldest son, DIL and two grandies in Austin Texas. How we are looking forward to seeing them all again. For DH it's been 5 years since he saw DIL and the grandies, only 3 for me but no matter the kids will have grown - now at 13 and 11 - quite the young 'adults' to get to know over again.

We plan to attend an Easter service in an English cathedral. Have been looking forward to that. I'd love to get some photos inside but don't know if that's permissable so will just have to wait and see. Up to Aberdeen to meet a distant rellie for the first time then back down to the south coast of England to stay with dear friends we worked with in Zambia. Last port of call in England will be with 2nd cousins right out on the east coast. We hope to see some beautiful English Spring country side.

So friends, I'll be missing for a while - but if I get the opportunity to call in here and there along the way and tell you how it's going, I'll do that. I know we'll have a marvellous and memorable time.

Have a blessed week!


Aussie Stitcher said...

I hope that you have best time possible. Stay safe, looking forward to reading all about it.

Melanie said...

Have wonderful time during your holiday! Be safe and enjoy!

Judy said...

Have a wonderful visit with your family! I can't wait to read about it & see lots of pics when you return!

Did you get my email about your wanted sigtag? I don't have your email, so can't send it. Hugs!