Saturday, February 23, 2008


Whilst ratting around in my stitching bin (a big plastic tub with a lid which I keep in the garage storage) I came across a piece I had started – oh I think probably about 10 years ago – give or take a month or two. I must say though in my own defence that I had done a couple of stitches on it about a year ago to complete the two figures, but it had been relegated to the bin when other things took over my spare time and I decided that one day it would come out again and be finished. I felt quite ashamed of myself that it had been hanging around unfinished for so long – but then I have to admit too, that I really didn’t know what I was going to do with it. I think now I should finish it and probably make a wall hanging from it.

However during all of this mulling over how long and what will it be, I began thinking of the actual pattern and found it amongst other bits and pieces in another bag. It was one by ‘The Crafty Scot’ – a woman who designed and sold her own patterns particularly with a Scottish tartan flavour. She was in Greenville, South Carolina. I really love anything tartan and when I saw these patterns advertised (again, can’t remember where) I ordered a couple in the names of our family tartans. I think the patterns are very clever and truly reflect the clan tartans. I’ve tried to find out whether this lady is still in operation – I remember sending an email message to her addie a long time ago but never received a reply.

Maybe if there’s anyone out there in blogland reading this who is ‘into’ cross stitching, they might know of this lady and her patterns. I’d really be pleased to find out whether she is still in business. I have an idea I’d like to add a couple of scotch thistles to the piece and she may just have a good pattern. Here’s hoping!

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