Saturday, February 09, 2008


Well I think it was! I had been spending time with my mother who lives in another country not too far away over the Tasman. About 6 months ago (after gentle nagging persuasion from family members) she finally decided (at nearly 89) that she should have her hearing tested. This resulted in hearing aids to the tune of $3,600! Now being the very proud person that she is, (she doesn’t really need these aids you know!) she takes them out often and especially when talking on the telephone.

I saw her fossicking around, moving items, photographs, ornaments and wondered why – until she ‘fessed up’ that she had mislaid the aids. Both of us then back-tracked, trying to think of everything she had done the previous afternoon. We even went through pockets of clothing she had been wearing, hopeful that they may have been lodged there. While talking on the ‘phone to a friend she had removed them from her ears and had them in her hand. Obviously put them down somewhere after that – but where?? I certainly hadn’t spotted them anywhere that day.

It was no good! They simply were nowhere to be found. Downstairs, upstairs, both of us trailing into different parts of the house, trying to imagine exactly where they might have been put. Feeling concerned I traipsed down the stairs one more time, fearing now they might have dropped into some boxes of used goods we had delivered to the local op shop that morning, or even into the rubbish and on my way said a little prayer to the Lord, asking Him to show us where they might be. Looking again in places that had already been looked in downstairs I heard a shout from above.

“I’ve found them!!” I raced up the stairs. Puffed, I gasped “where were they?” Apparently mum had leaned over the sofa to put something on a small table nearby and had obviously placed the aids on the seat. That morning I had moved cushions onto that very spot but never saw them. Why didn’t we see them while we had searched almost every part of that room?

Of course we were both so relieved that they had ‘come to light’ but on reflection, I realised it had only been a very short while since I’d verbalized my prayer. I believe firmly that this was an answer to a very simple prayer – but one which was a timely reminder of my reliance on Him - in every situation.

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