Sunday, December 02, 2007

Oh! My tomato plants are going crazy! As you can see from the pic, they are now past the top of my fence which is 6 ft tall. I’m not sure how I can contain them if they go any higher as the stakes holding them up are also only 6ft tall. After a fairly rugged very hot day last month when the tops of them got quite burned, they have survived the ordeal and grown another foot since then. There’s a bit of fruit there but not as much as I thought there might be. You can also see the little fabric bags I've made to contain the fruit - trying to stop bugs and caterpillars from attacking!

They’ve been in the ground 10 weeks now so I’m hoping it won’t be long before the tiny fruit starting to form on the many flowers that are sprouting at the tops of the plants will begin to swell and ripen. Hopefully we’ll get to eat some of them before any stray caterpillars do!

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