Thursday, November 22, 2007


The giving and receiving of Christmas cards has been traditional in my family ever since I could remember. I grew up with it, and each year as those cards received were hung on the slats of the Venetian blinds in the ‘sitting room’ they were also counted to see if there were more than last year.

Sending of Christmas cards through the mail has, of more recent years, been restricted to mainly those who don’t have access to the internet and email and the bulk on my ‘list’ have been sent electronically. I’ve kind of liked the sparkly animated graphics which are possible to send this way.

This year I decided to be a bit more creative and make instead of purchasing those I want to post. I got enthused when visiting a scrapbooking supplies shop recently. I’ve always enjoyed receiving the ‘home made variety’ of Christmas cards and thought about the effort of the creator of them.

With stamps, ink, card, decorative paper, glue and glitter in hand I’ve been doing my own bit of creating. I’m sure it’s not been cheaper in the long run to do it this way, but the satisfaction and pleasure I’ve had has been well worth the effort.

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