Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas baking

This morning dawned blessedly cool compared to the past three! With day time temperatures around 33C and night time inside still around 27C it was a relief to be able to open the doors and windows and let some coolness in.

Since today promised to be the coolest for the next week, and since I had put the Christmas cake dried fruit to soak in brandy last week, I decided it might be a good day to bake.  I had just put a loaf of banana bread into the oven when a phone call announced that young grandie L5 wanted to visit. Of course his mum was pleased to take the opportunity to do her weekly grocery shop at the supermarket as well so knowing that I was not going to be able to 'entertain' too much with the process of cake making in hand, decided the best thing to do was get some gingerbread dough on the way as well. 

Had just taken the banana bread out of the oven and put the Christmas cake in when young L arrived.  Excited at the prospect of making his own gingerbread men, he got started right away. He kneaded and rolled and cut his way through a stack and we baked three trays full.  Once cool enough, the finishing touches were made with white icing.  By the time mum arrived back to collect him, a large container was filled for her to take home and freeze. Of course L needed to carry out a taste test and reported that they were certainly yummy! 

Banana bread, Christmas cake and gingerbread shapes all baked beautifully. A successful morning indeed.  We made precious memories today. Thankyou L for being part of that special time together!


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