Sunday, March 07, 2010


Today is grand-daughter E's 18th birthday. I've just come in from having lunch with her - a very quick 25 minute 'grab' as she is working today at her part time job - but it was nice to spend even that time helping her celebrate a very momentus day in her life. She will be having a real celebration next weekend at her 'theme' party when all her family and friends will gather to mark the occasion.

I didn't take her gift with me because although the actual quilt is finished, I've still to stitch the 'pioneer story' to the back of it. (thanks to Susan and Shelagh for their info re this - it worked out a treat!).

Update on BIL in Perth - he has had a good few days with a home respite visit on Saturday. His new wife needed to get him back to the hospital by 10am Sunday otherwise he would have 'lost' his bed. The health system here is in disarray but despite that he has confidence in his doctors and the treatment regime he's under at present. The full body scan last Friday revealed no other abnormalities and we thank God for that. Now he just has to concentrate on surgery for the removal of the tumour behind his eye and then to get well. We believe he is in God's hands and are praying that His will shall be done.

Attended a baby shower for little 'Anzac' - code name for a little 'nearly due' bub whose mum is an Aussie and dad is a Kiwi. I think its rather cute actually and the name has actually grown on us all that know this couple. In fact we have heard of at least one baby who is now about 7 months old who has been named Anzac. Anyway the shower was a huge success. Played silly games like collecting a baby safety pin from someone each time the word 'b a b y' was used - the person with the most pins at the end of the afternoon won a little prize - and one I thought was rather cute, a tiny plastic baby had been frozen in ice cubes prior to the afternoon and at a given time, everyone was given a cube to place in their drink and the first 'baby' to be born (or thawed) was the winner. A quiz using the names given to baby animals also kept us amused for quite some time. Many of them I didn't know so learned something new. Taste testing purchased baby foods was also something that was an interesting game and most of us declared that home cooked food was far superior in taste.
DH and I are looking forward to visiting our US family at the end of the month. It is 5 years since DH saw the grandies and DIL and 3 years for me so it will be a good 'catch up' time for everyone.
Meantime our weather still remains so hot and humid. Feel like a grease spot most of the time. Even though nights are cooler than they have been, it is still not easy to sleep with the humidity being so high. As I sit here typing the perspiration is just rolling off me - even after taking a shower, once I get out and dried, I feel like hopping in again! A catch 22! Roll on Autumn.

Purple runner beans I planted about 5 weeks ago are just flowering and I'm hoping we will get a few to freeze before we leave. I feel sure we will if this heat keeps up another couple of weeks. The lettuce are almost ready to pick but those I planted in a tub I've been using for over a week now. They are so tender and I'm just picking the outside leaves off as they get large enough.

I visited a new doctor this morning as I plan to transfer from the one we've been attending for the last 11 years - long story which I won't bore you with - but I mentioned to her that I've been trying to lose some weight over the past 3 or 4 months and have succeeded so far in only shedding 6 and a bit kilo (14 pounds) so when she weighed me and measured my height was surprised when she told me definitely not to lose any more - my BMI is now right for my height. I didn 't think I'd lost that much really, however I'll take her word for it. Am still planning to continue on with the same kind of regime but will now begin to add a little more carbs however I don't think I run any sort of risk of losing anything more - I've remained fairly static for the past few weeks despite not deviating in food intake.

That's about all for now - blessings all and have a good week!

Our family members at 'Anzac's' baby shower - from left - 18yr old grand-daughter, expectant mum, her MIL, my DIL, me and my niece - all with surname McInnes!


Amy said...

awww Anzac, how lovely! Sounds like there's lots happening for you there :-)

Barbara said...

Sounds like things are busy for you, you are coming stateside! How wonderful!...What part of the US are you going to be visiting? Have a blessed and safe trip..for sure!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Anzac is a great name. Hope your Granddaughter had a great day and that she has a wonderful party to celebrate.
As for our cat, it took me quite a while to (convince) get DH to say yes! He always says that he hates cats, but he is always found playing with Puddles. HEHE

Melanie said...

Hi, Bev. Just trying to catch up with everyone. Sounds like you're had a busy time with your grand daughter's birthday and the baby shower. Congrats that you've made your weight loss goal. I'm having to change doctors as well, as my current doctor no longer takes my health insurance. Health care is a mess here too! Take care. ((Hugs))