Friday, March 05, 2010


was busy. At least that's how it seemed to be. The weather has certainly been more to my liking (not that I'm being selfish here you understand) however autumn definitely has kicked in, with heavy dew in the mornings and cooler night time temperatures with that beautiful 'frosted' look about the rose petals each new day - definitely my time of the year - leading into the best time - winter!
However, I digress and as usual got sidetracked from my week. A funeral mid week of a young man who had barely begun to live life, laid him to rest. He went to sleep after watching a movie with his mum and in the morning he was 'gone.' So sad for his family and friends.
News of DH's youngest brother's hospitalisation and the subsequent diagnosis of a brain tumour behind his right eye has not been a happy part of the week. An MRI of the brain on Thursday has suggested it is in a very accessible position and a whole body scan yesterday was to check if there are any other areas to be looked at. Surgery to remove the tumour mid next week is to take place after a weekend respite visit at home for him. We are praying for a miracle and asking that doctors and surgeons to be guided by the Great Healer himself. Can you imagine this situation happening just a couple of days after being married? Well it was a wedding celebration just a week ago and two days later a hospital admission. Not the best way to start to married life! Happily though new wife is coping admirably and both are extremely positive about the outcome. We pray it will be true.
Trips to the shopping centre to pick up travel stuff, another day to check DH's newish iPod nano which had frozen - fortunately there wasn't anything radically wrong and is now functioning as it should - dropping grandkids to school and pre-school and picking them up again - purchasing a cabin bag - making an appointment to see a new doctor for a regular checkup - laundry - just a few of the things that have occupied my week.
This afternoon I'm off to a baby shower - this long awaited baby due in 5 weeks time will be the first grandchild of DH's brother and SIL - a celebration of combining one Australian parent and one Kiwi - baby's codename "Anzac" - isn't that the cutest thing?
Have a good weekend friend. Blessings!


Barbara said...

WIll be praying for this situation...what a tough obstacle so soon after joining in is good to see you posting again...I had missed visiting you!

Amy said...

Yes praying here too, keep us updated.