Saturday, November 14, 2009


It's finished. The bling was easy peasy to put on. I had been warned that it was difficult and the best method to fix it in place was to pick it up off the backing with masking tape first then place it on the page. Nothing like that needed. It peeled off its backing sweet! I'm sorry the photo hasn't done it justice but at least it will give an idea of what it looks like. I'm pleased with it.

Last night went to a Thanksgiving Dinner at a friends home. We all contributed to the food - I had to make the pumpkin pies. Never attempted that before so followed the recipe to the T. All went well apart from the baking time. Recipe said 1 hour at 375 - eventually I pulled them out at 2 1/2 hours and they appeared set. (I was just hoping for the best, not knowing exactly what they should look like). Anyway they went down well with honey sweetened whipped cream, although I didn't get to eat any of the prepared dinner - I took my own salad greens and chicken meal.

I think I have worked out why the pies took so long to bake. The recipe called for cans of pumpkin (USA) However we can't buy that here but have heaps of fresh pumpkin in the shops to buy so prepared and cooked my own. I think the fresh pumpkin is much moister than the canned - therefore the mixture is much wetter as well - thus the longer time in baking. That's my theory anyway.

DH enjoyed it and other guests complimented me on the taste - said it had a kind of caramel flavour - so it must have been OK.

Appointment with the Naturopath tomorrow so will see how much weight I've lost in the week.

Blessings all!


Karen said...

What a beautiful page! I love the bling! I've not mastered making pies, but won't give up trying. The honey whipped cream sounds really good. How much honey did you put in?

Aussie Stitcher said...

The scrapbook page looks great, well done. Hope you go well with the diet.

Melanie said...

I remember the one time that I made pie from fresh pumpkin, that it took longer to bake as well. I haven't done it since. So much easier getting it from the can! Have a lovely dinner! ((hugs)

Barbara said...

Your page is beautiful. The bling is perfect...what an awesome job you did and a wonderful memory creation. The pies sound great even though I am not a "Paula Deen". Thanks for sharing all that.

Anonymous said...

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