Sunday, April 12, 2009


For months I've been anticipating the reunion and now it's over! What a wonderful day it was though. In April 1959 I began my nursing training in Auckland New Zealand. Last weekend 57 of those girls who were able to make it back to Auckland celebrated those 50 years which have intervened with photos, renewing friendships, demonstrations, speakers, and of course delicious food and a wonderful cake made by one of the girls.

Hard to believe that all those years ago we were innocent and naive young 17 year olds stepping out into the big brave world of nursing. What wonderful things have happened in the world of medicine and nursing since then and to think I have lived to see most of it is just amazing. And yet the one thing that has not changed from the time of Florence Nightingale till the present day, is the bedside care nurses and doctors give patients which for most is the motivation for entering this brave profession. Having been on the 'receiving end' a few times in those 50 years I've had a taste of what its like and even with todays 'graduates' who learn most of their nursing techniques after they begin their practical experience in hospital wards, care for the sick remains much the same.

Our next reunion is in 5 years time and already we are talking and looking forward to it. If it's as successful as the 50th, then we're in for a great time!

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Melanie said...

Such a special time to be able to spend with your class mates! I agree with you about the nursing profession - a noble profession although it seems lately it's harder and harder to weed through all the paperwork in order to take care of the patients. Have a lovely week. ((Hugs))