Sunday, April 19, 2009


Autumn in Sydney is such a lovely time of the year. The heat of summer has now past and more gentle temperatures are here for a while before the cold of winter sets in. In this part of the world Easter is often the time we consider summer is over but our warmer days have persisted this year but evening and morning temperatures have certainly taken a dive down. Well, not that cold yet but it won't be long before the firewood will be brought in to warm the house.
Easter weekend was a blessing in many ways this year. Having spent the weekend before away in New Zealand for a reunion, I missed the beautiful wedding of our nephew but many of his rellies were still here in Sydney so it was great to catch up with some of them. Dinner out at a Greek restaurant on Thursday, and brother-in-law and his wife here for dinner Friday were lovely treats and a good time to catch up with each others news. On Saturday there was an unexpected phone call from another brother-in-law who had driven to Sydney for a couple of days so had the opportunity for him and his lady friend to come for a BBQ tea.
Easter Sunday was a celebration of the Risen Christ in our morning church service. How wonderful to know we serve the Risen Lord!
Last week E5 and L3 were here for two full days as it's school holidays here. This week will be the same before they return to school and preschool next week. Busy active days they were and I was pretty well pooped at the end of them but it was good to share with them - helping with jigsaw puzzles, going to the park, playdough, lego, draughts, drawing, Reader Rabbit - only a few of the things we got up to! And I guess we'll do it all again this week. But before that I'm off out today to see if I can get fabric to cover my rocker. It's only 6 years old but in constant use - if not by me, then by the grandies. Since today is a little cooler with showers predicted it seems a good day to make a start on it.

Better go before I lose the enthusiasm!

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Melanie said...

Sounds like you're busy. I always enjoy fall here as well with the summer temps cooling down. Have a lovely day.