Monday, January 05, 2009


Another trip to my doctor this morning has resulted in my toe nail being removed. I’m thankful it’s been done, as a precaution against infection I’m taking an antibiotic and now the real healing can begin. With a wedding to attend in 3 weeks time, hopefully an inconspicuous covering can be used instead of the big thick bandage I have now, as open sandals will be the footwear I’ll need to use. Thankfully it is our summer season so the worry about cold feet won’t enter into the equasion. Pretty pink polish won’t be used either – maybe a prettily flower covered adhesive bandage could be found or even one with a bit of bling! I’ve seen them for kids with all kinds of designs on them – but never with ‘adult’ wearers in mind. But now I’m really getting carried away. Maybe by then just a plain old flesh coloured bandage will suffice.

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Aussie Stitcher said...

Oh no, you poor thing, I hope that it heals in time for the wedding.