Wednesday, January 07, 2009


After 3 days of temperatures of 38C and 40C (100F and 104F), mid afternoon a storm broke – a fairly typical summer Sydney storm – high wind, heavy rain, thunder and lightning. As I looked out the window my eye caught a movement on the sun umbrella which I’d taken down to avoid it being knocked over. Somehow, Mr (or Ms) Stick Insect had been blown against it and it was clinging for its life to the fabric of the umbrella. I was fascinated by the way it was battling against the elements and seemed determined to hang on to it’s anchor.

It seemed to be trying to move but neither up nor down had much effect as it was battered by the wind. Eventually it managed to turn itself upside down and with a few tentative steps made its way across the umbrella – which is when I decided to be a rescuer. It was well outside it’s usual environment and although not totally familiar with it’s way of life, I didn’t want to see it land in the pool and be drowned if it was flicked off by a heavy gust.

The rain still pouring down, I donned my gardening glove (I was fully clothed!) and went outside. Grabbing it gently I placed it in a little ficus shrub growing in a pot at the back door. It quickly sought the shelter of the inside twigs – where it was at least safe from the belting wind and rain. I made a quick trip inside for my camera and took a shot – can you find it amongst the leaves? (due to some technical difficulties the pics were not able to be uploaded)

Half an hour later, the storm was gone and so was the Stick Insect. They are quite friendly creatures and I believe some of the species can be kept as pets. They eat tiny insects such as aphids and are considered desirable in the garden. I hope it has found a good place to hide amongst the many trees we have around our yard – and continues to devour the pesky aphids from my roses!

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NanaNor's said...

Hi there, I loved reading this post because it is summer for you while here in the states we are still in winter. I have found praying mantis as well as similar insects quite beautiful and have held many for preschoolers to see.
Blessings to you this weekend.