Friday, January 16, 2009


After the searing heat of the past few days, today has been blessedly much cooler. The temperature did get to about 32C early in the afternoon but later a really strong wind has sprung up which has cooled everything down quickly. What bliss! I just don't handle these hot days very well and far prefer the cooler weather. A friend emailed me that it was -4C in upper New York State - now I'm not saying I want it to be that cold - but the fresh breeze coming in the back door now as I sit typing this, is just wonderful. I'm hoping for a better night's sleep tonight!

I have been busy though, despite the heat. Yesterday I completed an 8" x 8" scrapbook album I've made for my niece to record photos of her new baby and a visit to the shopping centre was successful in finding some little gifts to send to A9, our grand-daughter who lives in Texas and celebrates her birthday in a few weeks time.

Tomorrow I'm helping a friend assemble her wedding invites so there always seems to be something to keep me busy. Even when the heat outside is simply awful, I am grateful that I have somewhere to shelter me from the elements and I am reminded that my God cares for me and supplies my needs - I am so blessed.

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