Thursday, January 22, 2009


Since I was here last, I’ve had a birthday. A fairly ‘non’ event – but we did go out and have a nice meal at a favourite restaurant not far from home. I’ve started walking in the mornings again – my toe is not quite healed yet and still a little tender, but I’m now able to get my shoe on and the coolness of the early morning is just so refreshing. I’m not at my best during the hot weather. I tend to retain a lot of water in my body and it really saps the energy out of me. I feel so much better when it’s cooler.

These awful high temperatures are persisting. The weather office insist that it’s just ‘normal’ for this time of the year in Sydney but we keep hearing radio and TV reports saying the temps are ‘so many above normal’ for this time of the year. I know it doesn’t help but I tend to check the outdoors thermometer frequently to see if it’s cooled down a little. Last night was Sydney’s hottest night in 12 years!

Anyway, DH and I are ‘escaping’ from it for a few days and we’ll be on an early flight in the morning ‘over the ditch’ to our homeland. We’re staying a week and will attend my niece’s wedding while there. We’re looking forward to that.

Hopefully by the time we arrive back home the temperatures might be more bearable - for me anyway!

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